How We Work

We provide consulting services
to drive your company’s efficiency

Using the best in cloud-based software we’ll help you keep track of your transactions.
Accountancy and reporting
We design regular reports and meet with you to review them and agree the key actions you need to take.
Business and cash flow planning
A Finance Director will help you to plan for the future either as a stand-alone project or regular exercise.
A Finance Director will build or challenge your budget and turn that into workable targets for the year ahead.
Process review and improvement
We deliver process documentation that removes key person risk and identify how to improve the way you’re working.
Recommendation and implementation of specialist software
We gather your requirements and recommend cloud-based solutions to move you forwards.
Get Started

Getting business ideas off the starting block and putting plans into action can be daunting, especially if you are a new entrepreneur. That’s where The Finance Team come in! Check out our resource guide for the financial systems and controls you need to install to get your startup off the ground. If you need extra support, we’ll be there to make sure each piece falls into place.

Take the Lead

SME competition is a battlefield, so we arm our experts with the best cloud-based systems and smart tools to examine how your business can stay relevant, be more efficient, and come out on top. Depending on your business needs, we can be your own virtual back office team, or help support and fine tune your existing team so you can focus on making your business the best it can be.

Level Up

Our bespoke consultancy service will guide you through your strategic planning and business growth. Whether you are looking for financial insights, want to change direction, add a new service, or grow through acquisition, we can support you through every key decision. We can also provide ongoing support as your independent non-executive director. The sky is the limit!

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