As an SME Accounting, Finance & Business Operations Consultant, I help many Small Business Owners and Freelancers just like you, to streamline their business processes, improve profitability and grow revenue.

Over time, I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges many of you face is knowing how many pieces of business that you need to win each month in order to achieve your financial goals and keep your business profitable and growing.

One of my clients is a Freelance Website Designer. Earlier this year, she made the decision to take charge of her accounting processes, as she hadn’t managed her books properly for almost a decade!

Her goal was to become more focused on her business so that she could increase her earnings and upgrade to her dream apartment in San Francisco with her partner. The trouble was, that decade of accounting backlog was haunting her…

After talking with her for just a short time, I immediately knew I could help her.

Like many Small Business Owners, she hates paperwork. She believed that book-keeping was a boring & a chore and had generally done her best to ignore it.

Sound familiar?

When I began working with her, the first thing we did was to radically simplify all of her accounting & back-office processes so that all of her credit cards and bank account information automatically fed into her accounting software without her needing to do any manual inputting, eliminating the very thing that she hated doing the most. All she had to do now, was take photos of any receipts that weren’t already being paid from those existing accounts. These included things she had paid for on her personal credit card, in cash or using her mobile phone. Once that was done, she could simply throw the original receipt and forget about it.

She now had a truly paperless office setup.

Today, taking a few photos of receipts is all she needs to do to keep on top of her accounting.

I then use this information plus a few cloud based accounting and invoicing apps to provide her with a useful monthly snapshot plus information and insights about the financial health of her business.

In her first year working with me, her income has already increased by over 350% Year on Year.

Her monthly figures now give her direct feedback on how much revenue her business is generating and more importantly, how profitable it is. This in turn helps her to remain focused & motivated to do the work required to achieve her financial goals.

We also work together to calculate a weekly & monthly revenue target. This is the personalised goal that helps create the profit needed to achieve & sustain her dream life in her lovely new apartment with her partner in San Francisco. This clear focus on how much she needs to make each month drives the right behaviours and has already converted a future aspiration into a target for right here, right now.

After implementing these systems, her profits are already up almost 400% Year on Year.

Having monthly figures readily available also helps to get a handle on monthly expenditure. With a review of costs each month, it’s easy to highlight anything you might be wasting money on, change poor habits for the better and subscribe to any software and apps which will help you to automate your business.

Think about what profit increases like this could mean for your business.

I’d love to work with you to find out how to streamline your business. I offer a monthly package for a fixed monthly fee which starts at just USD250 per month. My package includes all of your software subscriptions, my accounting magic behind the scenes and a monthly 45-minute call with me to review your past month’s performance, highlight any improvements that you can make to the way that you work and, most importantly, to keep you ‘accountable’ to your personal financial goals.

For an investment of just USD3,000 a year, I have helped her to generate many times that amount in increased revenue and profitability and I can help you to do the same.

I’m looking forward to helping you soon!


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